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Legend of the Demon Seal

Soap2day 封魔传

Director :

Miao Shu

Stars :

Sammul Chan, Yu Hanbing, Bryan Leung Kar-yan, Jin Song, Zhou Haodong, Nina Wu, Zhu Jiaqi, Li Tianye, Zhang Xinna, Zhou Haodong, Lilyice Yu, Karen Li, Ying Chen, Bryan Leung, Ben Ng, Guo Ziheng

Genre :

Action, Fantasy

Release :


Rating :


Legend of the Demon Seal Soap2day Story :

Working as an ordinary artist on Bai Ze's comic project The Legend of Demon Sea has aspiring artist Feng Xue feeling like wasted talent. To vent his frustration, he begins another version the project, filling the illustrated adventures of an alchemy master with mythic parallels to his daily grind. With his comics Feng takes vengeance whenever he's slighted or passed over in the studio, drawing his colleagues and boss into unflattering scenes. But when Bai Ze discovers an illustrated version of himself suffering under Feng's brush, he's far from angry. He praises Feng Xue for his originality, and takes the new draft to his boss. This is when Bai Ze also learns what it means to be frustrated at work, challenging him to choose between what he believes in and what his job demands.

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