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Exceptionally Gifted Girl

Soap2day 菲凡记忆

Director :

Tian Zhong

Stars :

Zhang Ai-Yue, Yu-Shan Chen, Zhao Chen-Xi, Si Qin Gao-Li, Ou-Yang Jia, Leo Li Jia-Ming, Bao Jianfeng, Zhao Jin-Tao, Wang Jing, Li Junxian, Qin Liyang, En Mei, Jia Rong, Gao Song, Zhang Xiao-Yu, Hu Yan-Ming, Yu Yang, Zhang Yi, Liang You-Lin, Chen Yue-Jin

Genre :

Comedy, Fantasy

Release :


Rating :


Exceptionally Gifted Girl Soap2day Story :

Tian Feifan, who has extraordinary memory and can sense other peoples minds, was secretly attracted by entrepreneur Liu Shenyi, and he arranged it into the beauty company as his wife Wang Yaqin. Tian Feifan turned from a rookie in the industry to a fashion goddess with super powers. In the process of growing up, Tian Feifan completed many incredible tasks because of his extraordinary memory and his telepathic ability.

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